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Welcome to my website for help with your health, advice on your relationships, your career or spiritual path, your future and your personality.

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About me

I am a librarian, who works for Amnesty International, and a practitioner of a number of healing methods. I have trained for many years as an astrologer and also use tarot and reiki to help people.

Lizzie circle dancingLiving in London, I am in my fifties and have a long-term relationship. I am also a grandmother, having a daughter in Surrey and another in Oregon and three grand-children in the USA.

My interests include: singing, circle-dancing, wicca and cross-stitch. I love cats (big or small!) and boats of any size.

I live in the Wimbledon area of South West London. For astrology readings, I prefer clients to come to me, so I can consult my computer and reference books, although I am also happy to do written reports. You will receive a written report either way but, if you have a consultation, I can answer particular questions. These reports are not just computer-generated but are written specifically for you! A live astrologer can do what no computer can do in terms of synthesizing numerous factors in the chart. For tarot, I am happy to meet in my house or yours (if you live in the London area) and can attend parties, if you like. Reiki is usually done at my home in comfort but, if it not possible for you to come to me, I can send healing to you at a distance.

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